Listen… I’ve Heard There’s A Boy Called Harry Potter, and…

Hi all! So I recently became obsessed about getting all things related to Harry Potter, and was thinking about getting some new editions of the Harry Potter books either the American or adult editions just to see how they were like, as the front covers looked pretty awesome. Then I stumbled across the Harry Potter audio books, I started researching about them all and found two versions, the British and American. I’ve never listened to an audio book before so I was going into uncharted territory.

But then I saw the price of them! They were in the region of around £400, I thought I must have read the prices wrong and I wasn’t looking in the right places. I wanted the physical CD’s as it felt more authentic to which I could have a nice collection at home to always be able to go back to. I kept on looking and then I found the Pottermore Shop and assumed they would have them. They did but in the digital version so no physical CD which is what I was after, in the end I went for the whole collection as it seemed a reasonable price (£167.34) considering you can download each book up to 8 times on different computers/laptops and so on. So I bought The Complete Harry Potter Digital Audio Book Collection and chose the Stephen Fry version because come on he’s so totally British!


I’m currently listening to Order of the Phoenix on my iphone as I’ve been going through each book in order. I generally listen to them on journeys on the tube to work/university and at home. I have to say Stephen Fry is amazing with the voices. I do have some gripes with certain voices though. I wasn’t so sure about the VERY SQUEAKY voices in the Philosopher’s Stone which nearly all of the kids have, which I can understand is necessary as they really haven’t reached puberty yet, and I was glad that their voices grew deeper as the books went on. I have to say that I really love Hagrid’s voice I wasn’t sure that Stephen could pull it off, but boy did he! It’s supposed that Hagrids from the Bristol area, and the voice was so spot on! Although I have to say that I thought all the Weasley voices were a bit TOO posh for my liking except for Ron’s, I know Stephen Fry is extremely posh but I didn’t imagine the Weasleys to have that kind of voice.

From listening to these books I learnt how to actually pronounce the words, because when I’m reading I pronounce the words totally differently then how it’s meant to. Like Accio which I have been pronouncing wrong for years!! I’ve re read these books lots of times and have picked up lots of foreshadowing moments along the years, but as the books are being read to me, I’ve actually picked up more and also little details that J.K. puts in. The one that got me was Dumbledore in Goblet of Fire, I don’t think I have fully appreciated how clever and the reason why he is the most revered wizard in that world. This really hit me when I noticed how he was trying to figure out all the mysterious goings on that were happening during the year. Crouch, Bertha and Frank Bryce…

I really loved the snippet from the 4 marauders in Prisoner of Azkaban, where the marauder’s map was tormenting Snape, and I can’t wait to hear them again in Order of the Phoenix in the Snape’s Worst Memory chapter. I’m excited to listen to the next three books as it gets darker and more intense for Harry. I really enjoyed the first 4 books and Goblet of fire the most which isn’t exactly my favourite out of the 7, but I loved the darker tone and I remembered when I was a kid when I first read the book that I was pretty scared especially with the change in direction where the first chapter is not from Harry’s perspective and there is a death straight away. It’s scary for a 10 year old!!!

I have to say I really enjoyed my first furore into the audio book world, it wouldn’t be my first choice normally but I’m really glad I invested into it. And I’m really excited to finish the next 3 books!!! See you soon!

Here’s a link to the Pottermore Shop site:


2 thoughts on “Listen… I’ve Heard There’s A Boy Called Harry Potter, and…

  1. b.h.quinn says:

    The HP audio books are some of the best I’ve listened to in a while, and the only one that I return to after listening once. I have both the American version that I bought from the bookstore I worked at and the British version a friend gave to me when he was minimizing. I can definitely say that I prefer Stephen Fry’s reading of the books. I hope you enjoy the last three books as much as you enjoyed the first four.

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