Book Haul

Guess who’s back? Hey everyone! I haven’t been blogging lately because of all my university work. But I have finally finished and handed in my dissertation on Monday. Wooooooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m Free… I’m not actually… I have two more assignments to hand in but I have some free time finally so I can BLOG!

So in the last two months I have collected some books as you can see. My first real books haul.


The first books I bought about a month ago were three Eminem related books. Two autobiographies and one book by Eminem’s mum lol. The reason I bought these was because number one I am a massive Eminem fan and also I will be going to see him at a festival in the summer. Reading Festival will be happening around August time and as I am a massive fan I should have his autobiographies right…? Okay just me then… And the reason I have his mums book is because you know when you’re on Amazon and there is section where it says “people who bought this also bought this book too” so that’s what happened. I’m a on the whim buyer. I read all the books; the two books by Eminem were really interesting as there are many pictures of his lyric sheets and the reasons behind many of his songs. And I think if you are a fan of his then these two books are essential in your Eminem collection. The book by his mum was shall I say “Meh” I think there are many stories about Eminem and his family that were fascinating and sometimes quite unbelievable. And many that were contradictory from listening to his songs and reading his autobiography in comparison to her version of events. But as they say there are three sides to a story. His side, Her side, and the truth.


Okay you must know by now I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I have all seven British edition books as I’m from the UK. However, I was always intrigued about the differences between my edition and the US edition, as you can only get so much information from the internet. So I thought why not eh? I’m weird like this. So I bought them also around a month ago, I’ve been reading the first book whenever I can, and it’s been a surprise at how many differences there are. There are pictures on the start to every chapter which I have really enjoyed and I love the different fonts and signatures for every letter. There are some slight word changes here and there and the way the sentences are put together but all in all I’m pretty glad that I bought them all.


I bought the next books a couple of days ago as treat for myself because of all the stress and work I put in to completing my dissertation. New Moon by Stephanie Meyer is the first one I have been reading because I thought it would be the easiest and quickest to get through because I read Twilight in a day. Boy was I wrong. I only bought it because I’m someone who, if they read a book in a series I need to read the entire series just so I can say I have read it, even if I don’t like it. I did say I was weird! But this has been a draaaagggg I have finished chapter two and its felt so very long for some reason. Nothing really has happened yet. Bella’s birthday. Bella had a paper cut. The end.


The next thing I bought was the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I haven’t read it yet but I have watched the first film, which I just didn’t understand whatsoever. My friends and I didn’t know anything about the books or the film it was the only film on at that time, so we were like why not? I felt they didn’t explain anything which is why I didn’t get what was happening and why it was happening. Which is why I have the books because the books are usually better than the films right…?


I bought Dead Simple by Peter James. I know nothing of this book other than it’s a crime thriller and I have never read any crime books and I bought it purely because of what it said on the back.

It was meant to be a harmless stag-night prank…

A few hours later Michael Harrison has disappeared and his friends are dead. With only three days to the wedding, Detective Superintendent Grace – a man haunted by the shadow of his own missing wife – is contacted by Michael’s beautiful fiancée, Ashley Harper. Grace discovers that the one man who ought to know Michael Harrison’s whereabouts is saying nothing. But then he has a lot more to gain than anyone realizes. For one man’s disaster is another man’s fortune… Dead simple…  


The last book in the haul is The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. This is the book I’m most excited about reading. I stayed away from the hype of this book and the film but it was on the book shelf and it drew me in. I think most people have read this book and I’m pretty late on the bandwagon but I can’t wait to read this!!!      



Listen… I’ve Heard There’s A Boy Called Harry Potter, and…

Hi all! So I recently became obsessed about getting all things related to Harry Potter, and was thinking about getting some new editions of the Harry Potter books either the American or adult editions just to see how they were like, as the front covers looked pretty awesome. Then I stumbled across the Harry Potter audio books, I started researching about them all and found two versions, the British and American. I’ve never listened to an audio book before so I was going into uncharted territory.

But then I saw the price of them! They were in the region of around £400, I thought I must have read the prices wrong and I wasn’t looking in the right places. I wanted the physical CD’s as it felt more authentic to which I could have a nice collection at home to always be able to go back to. I kept on looking and then I found the Pottermore Shop and assumed they would have them. They did but in the digital version so no physical CD which is what I was after, in the end I went for the whole collection as it seemed a reasonable price (£167.34) considering you can download each book up to 8 times on different computers/laptops and so on. So I bought The Complete Harry Potter Digital Audio Book Collection and chose the Stephen Fry version because come on he’s so totally British!


I’m currently listening to Order of the Phoenix on my iphone as I’ve been going through each book in order. I generally listen to them on journeys on the tube to work/university and at home. I have to say Stephen Fry is amazing with the voices. I do have some gripes with certain voices though. I wasn’t so sure about the VERY SQUEAKY voices in the Philosopher’s Stone which nearly all of the kids have, which I can understand is necessary as they really haven’t reached puberty yet, and I was glad that their voices grew deeper as the books went on. I have to say that I really love Hagrid’s voice I wasn’t sure that Stephen could pull it off, but boy did he! It’s supposed that Hagrids from the Bristol area, and the voice was so spot on! Although I have to say that I thought all the Weasley voices were a bit TOO posh for my liking except for Ron’s, I know Stephen Fry is extremely posh but I didn’t imagine the Weasleys to have that kind of voice.

From listening to these books I learnt how to actually pronounce the words, because when I’m reading I pronounce the words totally differently then how it’s meant to. Like Accio which I have been pronouncing wrong for years!! I’ve re read these books lots of times and have picked up lots of foreshadowing moments along the years, but as the books are being read to me, I’ve actually picked up more and also little details that J.K. puts in. The one that got me was Dumbledore in Goblet of Fire, I don’t think I have fully appreciated how clever and the reason why he is the most revered wizard in that world. This really hit me when I noticed how he was trying to figure out all the mysterious goings on that were happening during the year. Crouch, Bertha and Frank Bryce…

I really loved the snippet from the 4 marauders in Prisoner of Azkaban, where the marauder’s map was tormenting Snape, and I can’t wait to hear them again in Order of the Phoenix in the Snape’s Worst Memory chapter. I’m excited to listen to the next three books as it gets darker and more intense for Harry. I really enjoyed the first 4 books and Goblet of fire the most which isn’t exactly my favourite out of the 7, but I loved the darker tone and I remembered when I was a kid when I first read the book that I was pretty scared especially with the change in direction where the first chapter is not from Harry’s perspective and there is a death straight away. It’s scary for a 10 year old!!!

I have to say I really enjoyed my first furore into the audio book world, it wouldn’t be my first choice normally but I’m really glad I invested into it. And I’m really excited to finish the next 3 books!!! See you soon!

Here’s a link to the Pottermore Shop site:

Okay One Word… TWILIGHT

I finally have my copy of twilight; the postman took his time to deliver it! As soon as I had it I started reading straight away. (THIS POST MAYBE SPOILERISH!)

I have never read the books but I have seen the films, and usually when I read books I mentally have my own image of what each character looks like with the help of the author’s description. But for this read I just couldn’t get an image in my head, I just felt this girl Bella had such a bland description, so then every time I read the book I just had Kristen Stewart’s image in my head! I really don’t want to hate on this book as there is a massive following for Twilight and I can sort of see why. The relationship between Bella and Edward, he’s described as the dream guy and the only person he notices is Bella, I’m sure there are a lot of girls and maybe guys who would love to be in her shoes *vomits*. The thing that got me was how dependant Bella was on Edward, it just didn’t feel realistic and I felt pity for her but also how pathetic can someone get? Like seriously what about your family and friends, she would literally drop everything to be with him. Maybe some people find this romantic and you could argue it is, that a couple are so in love that they’d do anything for each other. But come on Bella! It the 21st century don’t you want to be a strong independent woman? Okay I guess not…

My book history is not an enormous one, and I hope it will expand but I don’t think I’ve read a book like this where every minute detail is described. Oh I did this and I did that, I pressed the button on the computer to turn it on. The part where Bella was on the computer may be the worst bit of writing I’ve ever read. It was literally so boring!! Don’t tell me what Bella is doing… show me with your words what she is doing!

“I ate slowly, chewing each bite with care. When I was done, I washed the bowl and spoon, dried them, and put them away. My feet dragged as I climbed the stairs. I went to my CD player first, picking it up off the floor and placing it precisely in the centre of the table. I pulled out the headphones, and put them away in the desk drawer. Then I turned the same CD on, turning it down to the point where it was background noise.”

“With another sigh, I turned to my computer. Naturally, the screen was covered in pop-up ads. I sat in my hard folding chair and began closing all the little windows. Eventually I made it to my favourite search engine. (This was literally the funniest line in the whole book, I did actually LOL. YOU MEAN GOOGLE BELLA!!!!) I shot down a few more pop-ups and then typed in one word.”

Do you see what I’m getting at? Or maybe it’s just me. I think what saves this book in my opinion, is one character. Jacob Black. Usually in these types of books there are characters you root for and you would think as the book is in her point of view it would be Bella. But alas… No for me there is something unlikable about her, and especially when she manipulated Jacob to get info, that I did not like. So I guess this means I’m on TEAM JACOB!

I think overall the book was okay, just okay. Nothing majorly special about it, nothing really happened till the end. There was no character development apart from Bella and Edward’s relationship, I wanted to know more than she gave, especially the whole story of Alice’s background. This was the easiest book I’ve ever read. I had to stop many times when I was reading because it was making me very bored and I felt like it was just dragging on. I read this book in ONE DAY! I’m a very fast reader, but man this was a piece of cake! And I will not be reading this again, unless I’m actually forced to. I haven’t actually made up my mind whether I want to read the next book New Moon, is it really worth it? Hmmmmm…

My next post should be soon. I’ve recently purchased the complete digital audio harry potter books from Pottermore. Which I’m freaking out about! Why haven’t I delved in to the world of audio books until now??!!?! Anyway see you soon! 🙂

Why I haven’t opened my copy of J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy

I’m impatiently waiting at my front door, I’ve just seen the postman through my living room window and he’s coming towards my house next. And YES!! He’s holding an Amazon package. I wait till he leaves my front door as he always leaves my packages outside. I finally have my hands on it, I rip open the cardboard and there it is… The book I’ve been waiting for, J.K. Rowling’s new book The Casual Vacancy…

Okay that’s not what exactly happened; this is what usually happens when I order books. But for some reason not this time round. I received my copy a few days after it was released. My first thought was what an amazing cover, it’s very simple but the colours are bright and it really stands out on my book shelf. Yet I still didn’t open it, at the time I was re reading A Clash of Kings from A Song of Ice and Fire series (ASOIAF), and I told myself I would read it after. But that never happened.


I think the reason why I haven’t read the book is because I’m not sure I want to read J.K’s words which have nothing to do with Harry Potter. I’ve grown up with Harry, Hermione and Ron… and I don’t think I’ve ever let go of them. I think it will feel weird hearing her words about a totally new set of characters that I have to get to know. And coming from the asoiaf series where I had to get to know thousands of characters it can really be a chore. A thing that I have realised whilst I was contemplating reading this book is what if it isn’t any good? I read reviews that haven’t been very complementary about the book, that it doesn’t get really good until near the end. Will my opinions change of J.K. Rowling? I really hope not…

This book is only one book, from beginning middle and the end; I’ll know what’s going to happen. There’s no sequel no trilogy, I love series of books. The more books the better I say. I love cliff hangers, which makes you wanting more and the feeling of what’s going to happen next. And thinking of far-fetched crazy theories on what you think will happen in the next book. Obviously the time between books is just excruciatingly bad… but that only means RE-READING!!! Is this book re readable??  Hmmmmm…?

Only time will tell, I will eventually read it. I hope… But I’ll make sure I’ll come back here to tell you all about it!

Right now I’m anxiously waiting for my copy of twilight. I’ve ordered it why are you not here yet!?!!! I bet I’m writing this now and the postman has left it outside my door. *runs downstairs* It’s not there 😦

Just to let you know my background of twilight. I’ve watched all the films, honestly not what I intended, but my friend dragged me as she loves the books and films. I saw the final film which weren’t bad at all, but she told me read the books because there even better. I’ve read a sample of the first chapter and I can’t believe how similar it is to the fifty shades of grey books (yes unfortunately for me I have read those books *vomits*). How EL James has not been sued I do not know or made millions from a book that for me was absolutely rubbish (hmmm… maybe I’ll say this about twilight).

When I eventually get my hands on the book I’m hoping to do some chapter reviews and some first impression of my first read of twilight! See you soon!! 🙂