Okay everyone I’m freaking OUTT!!

Just experienced one of the best TV shows ever!!! I mentioned in my Top 10 TV shows of 2012 post that there were a few shows that I would like to watch in 2013 and one of them happened to be The Walking Dead. I have been really busy lately with the most horribilist (that’s not a word) (it is in my head!) thing that I hope no one has to go through. My university DISSERTATION! *just crying in the corner* Which is why I haven’t posted at all recently, so sorry for that everyone.

Anyway I gave myself a break today and thought why not watch a new TV show, as you do, which brings me to The Walking Dead. I watched the first series back to back which was pretty awesome. Only 6 episodes for some reason..? And I LOVED it! I have only ever heard good things about this show. It has been nominated for many awards and wins lots of them too. All I knew was that there were zombies in it, and the guy from Love Actually who was infatuated with Keira Knightley was the main character.

His name is Rick Grimes a police officer who wakes up from a coma and finds that the world is overrun with ZOMBIES! Also known as The Walkers. We follow Rick who tries to look for his wife and son who are missing, whilst encountering other survivors on the way, as well as a few Walkers.

I’m really enjoying the show, it’s kind of nice where a TV show slows it right down and you get to know the characters more in-depth rather than go full steam ahead. Although, the drawback here for me is that we don’t get to see enough of Rick. I reallllyyyyy reeallllyyy like him, he’s very likeable unlike his wife and his douche bag “best friend”. He plays the leader/hero role really well and makes you feel that if you ever were in a situation like that you would want him around because you are totally gonna survive. It does make you think though, what you would do in this situation; hopefully that never happens, a post-apocalyptic zombified world. Would you survive at all costs or give up seen as your gonna die anyway. Rick Grimes or Dr. Jenna? Hmmmmm… Not sure….

Maybe this wasn’t the best idea, getting addicted to a new TV show when I should be completing my 10,000 word dissertation. LOL, you’ve gotta laugh though I guess… Anyway, off to watch season 2, not like I have anything else to get on with.Season-2-Wallpaper-the-walking-dead-25689003-1600-1200


Top 10 TV Shows of 2012

Hi all! This is my list of shows/series/programmes that have gripped me in 2012. There are some that have two shows together as you will see, so really not a top 10 as I got carried away! This is only my opinion so don’t judge me on what I watch please. I haven’t watched everything on the box so there may be some fan favourites that I might have missed. So here it goes!

10. Eastenderseastenders-logo-2012

Well this IS the biggest soap opera in the UK so it had to be on this list. If I’m honest I hadn’t watched Eastenders for over a year and a half as I have always had phases where I would watch when a good storyline was on like who killed Archie? And then I would stop again when there was not much going on. But I have been watching in recent months and been enjoying it especially the Joey and Lauren storyline two cousins secretly in love which echoes back to one of Eastenders greatest forbidden love stories the relationship between Sharon and Dennis.

=9. Geordie Shoregeordie-shore-logo-640x480

Okay some reality TV. So I do watch Reality TV, don’t judge its feel good TV and there’s nothing wrong with that. This may be scripted for my benefit and with scenes made for entertainment, but I don’t care. I think this series of Geordie Shore has been the best yet. We have seen them since the very beginning, seen them grow, okay not really but it’s good to see people having the time of their life!

=9. Made in Chelsea MICtitlecard

Never was interested in this when it first came out because I heard it was just about a group of posh people doing absolutely nothing, which it kind of is. But I got rid of my preconceived judgement and freaking loved this show. Yes they are posh, yes they are rich but they are still people, having the same problems in terms of relationships, friendships and love like everybody else. I think the best moment of this series was Millie’s slap!

8. Big Bang Theory

I remember when this first aired a couple of years ago on channel 4. And I did not find this funny one bit. And I had not watched since then, until recently. I’m thinking now what an idiot I have been, I just missed years of comedy genius. The one and only Sheldon Cooper. Need I say more?

7. Bad education Bad Education

This is a new show on BBC 3 with the man of the moment Mr Jack Whitehall. It feels like his been in literally every UK TV show! This British comedy show is about a posh, newly graduated teacher who is very incompetent, who is massively in love with another teacher and tries to act cool in front of his school kids but fails miserably. While also trying to handle the amazingly bad Head teacher played by Matt Horne who is brilliant in this.

6. The Graham Norton Show GNSgroup

I think one of Britain’s best chat show hosts. He’s had many amazing guests this year. Who could forget the episode with the Actress Miriam Margoyles and Will.i.am. Graham is very quick-witted and has great chemistry with his guests and most importantly his funny. What more could you want with a host?

5. Would I lie to you? 936full-would-i-lie-to-you_-screenshot

I love this show. I wish it was longer than it is. The aim of the game is to lie as best you can. Simple! I think the three main guys are funny as hell and even more so with the guests. Lee Mack and David Mitchell are the best double act. The arguments they have are hilarious and Rob Brydon keeps them in check. I think I have actually stopped breathing once while watching this show because I couldn’t stop laughing!

= 4. Modern Family 250px-Modern-Familytigtlecard

Love this show, love the concept of the show and so glad it airs on UK TV. My favourite character is Gloria she’s a feisty woman and can hold her own but also is so freaking funny!!!

=4. Outnumbered OUTNUMBERED-006

This is VERY BRITISH! I’ve watched this since it started and haven’t looked back. I thought maybe when the two main kids Ben and Karen grew up they wouldn’t be as funny anymore but if you watched the Xmas special you would know how wrong that was. They are older, their voices deeper, taller, more hair! But they are still VERY funny!!

3. Exposure exposure-banaz

This is the series that literally exposed the Jimmy Savile scandal but the episode that was intense and broke my heart was the story of Banaz Mahmod. I recommend this as a must watch as it gives you a great insight of the terrible tragedy but also raises awareness of a massive talking point. This programme details the story of Banaz Mahmod who was the victim of an honour killing by her own family.

=2. Merlin bbc-series-merlin-31283685-600x350

So the end of an era. 5 years I have been with this story and though it had a rocky start it grew and got better and better. My favourite being the fourth season which was immense. Though the fifth series hasn’t been the best it has to be top two because I love it and it just finished and there will be no more series after 😦 Colin Morgan and Bradley James who play Merlin and Arthur always put in great shifts and I believe they are due many awards and accolades for their superb acting. Long live the queen!

=2. Game of Thrones: 270px-Game_of_Thrones_title_card

This had to be in the top 2 as this show has been great in the second season. And if it weren’t for this show I wouldn’t have read the amazing books which this series was based on A Song of Ice and Fire. So many characters, so many plot twists and turns. I’m glad I’ve read all the books so I know exactly what’s going to happen as long as the writers stick to the origins of the books. This means that season 3 next year will be better than anything we’ve seen before!

1. Olympics: london-olympics-2012-logo_1600x1200_638-desktop

Come on guys! This was Britain’s year! London’s year! 2012! The Olympics and Paralympics were amazing. The coverage on the BBC and Channel 4 especially the BBC was outstanding. This had to be number 1! There are some shows that I hope to get into next year that I have heard great things about. Homeland, Fresh meat, Sherlock, The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey are just some. I hope you enjoyed my countdown 🙂 See you soon!